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APMG Health Inc is a US-based Social Benefit Corporation that works to improve the health and wellbeing of marginalized populations. APMG Health has recently merged with APMGlobal Health, an Australian-based company that has worked in HIV and sexual and reproductive health for fifteen years. We work with people who are drawn from, or who have worked extensively with the key populations affected by HIV, STIs and other communicable diseases. We focus on working with governments and communities to reduce the significant barriers that people experience in accessing the full range of health services they need. We take a rights-based approach and work on health system architecture, range and quality.




Current work

  • (Global, for Global Fund)


    The Global and Regional reports for this assessment of design, implementation and monitoring of Key Population HIV service packages in selected countries are now available.


    APMG Health carried out these assessments (65 desk reviews across 6 regions, followed up by in-country visits in 32 countries) for the Global Fund.



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Truly Global


We work where there is a need for our skills, where we are invited, where there is a worthwhile purpose to the task and where we can help. Our work is grounded in practice and in the history of the epidemic. We ensure that a portion of our profits are returned to the communities within which we work. We are transparent in our work; we are clear and open about our aims and objectives. We treat each other with fairness and respect.




HIV AIDS can be eradicated. The suffering can stop.