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Our Projects

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Centre for Global Development (Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation)
Temple University (DFID)

Asia Pacific

Oilsearch Foundation, National Department of Health
Asia Pacific Network of Social Workers
QLD Intravenous AIDS Association
Cardno Emerging Markets
Cardno Emerging Markets, DFAT Australian Aid
International Development Law Organization (IDLO)
Training Resources Group (TRG), USAID

Central Asia

South Asia

Australian International Health Institution

Southeast Asia

International HIV/AIDS Alliance
UNICEF Asia Pacific Regional Office

Eastern Europe

Department of Public Health, Macedonia
Russian Harm Reduction Network/ESVERO (GF)

Middle East

North Africa

East Africa

National AIDS Secretariat, Mauritius (UNDP)
National AIDS Secretariat, Mauritius (UNDP)
Mauritius National AIDS Secretariat, Global Fund

West Africa

South Africa

Mauritius National AIDS Secretariat, Global Fund

Latin America