Increasing knowledge of HIV status and HIV treatment, care and support among lowest-income gay men and other MSM and transgender people in Thailand and Myanmar

$200 000

Support to the HIV Foundation Thailand

APMG helped establish the HIV Foundation (THF) in Thailand six years ago.

The Foundation is an independent Thai-run not-for-profit organisation. We have assisted the Foundation to secure funds to work among the poorest gay men, othert MSM and transgender people in Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Myanmar.

THF's outreach model is unique - it does not focus on broad HIV awareness-raising but on assisting MSM and transgemder people to access HIV testing. HIV prevalence rates of HIV in the populations that THF accesses are about 35%. THF outreach and case management workers help people access testing, then support newly-diagnosed PLHIV to ensure that they overcome access barriers to ART on ongoing clinincal monitoring. Despite the existence of 'free' ART in Thailand, there are many administrative and cultural barriers to access that need to be overcome.

THF also works with Burmese migrants in Thailand and with PLHIV in Myanmar.

Despite running very successful projects under the PSI CAP 3D Project in Thailand, THF's wotk in Thailand is now largely unfunded.