Lou McCallum


Lou is a director of APMG and is based in Sydney. He has worked in the response to HIV in a variety of roles since 1983 including management of AIDS home and community programmes and was Executive Director of Australia’s national AIDS NGO. Lou has a background in paediatric nursing, nursing service management and public policy. He worked alongside friends and colleagues in the early part of Sydney’s response to HIV in the gay community, setting up volunteer emotional support and home-care programmes, providing community support in outpatient clinics and providing VCT counselling. Lou began working as an HIV and development consultant in 1998, focusing on technical assistance for national and provincial AIDS policy development, and implementation and strengthening of the civil society response to AIDS. Lou is an experienced adult learning trainer and has prepared and conducted training programs for a wide range of health and community workers. He is also a consumer health advocate and has served two terms as national chairperson of the Consumers’ Health Forum of Australia.