We are always looking for new partnerships that will help us to work to improve the reach, quality and impact of HIV and health programmes among marginalised populations.

We have lots of great ideas, but since we don't run the world yet, we don't often get the chance to do things exactly the way we would like to. If you've got a spare million (or even less!), you'd like to leave a legacy, and think that you like what we stand for, talk to us and we'll find some ways to work together. Our wishlist includes:

  • Alcohol treatment and management services for people with drinking problems in Papua New Guinea - there aren't any and it's a key driver for violence against women and poverty
  • More work on tracking health services used by people from key HIV affected populations so that we can help people plan services to better meet people's needs
  • Leadership and management training for emerging young leaders from men who have sex with men, transgender, sex worker and drug user populations to ensure a better future for community-based organisations.

Give us a call - we've got lots of great ideas!