Our values

We are driven by a set of values that we use to guide decisions about what, where and how we work.

APMGlobal Health is guided by the following core values:

  • Our work is grounded in practice and in the history of the epidemic.
  • We are reflective practitioners and learn from our own work; our work is based on what we have learned through practice.
  • We aim for self-determination in our work and seek to be engaged in the conception, design, implementation and assessment of our projects.
  • Our work is fairly priced.
  • We ensure that a reasonable portion of our profits are returned to the communities within which we work for purposes determined by these communities.
  • We work where there is a need for our skills, where we are invited, where there is a worthwhile purpose to the task and where we can help.
  • We work in a spirit of partnership with those with whom we work – both the agencies with which we collaborate and the communities in which we work.
  • We pay primary attention to the way we do our work and aim to constantly improve the methodologies we use.
  • We are committed to the mentoring of others, particularly within those communities in which we work.
  • We are transparent in our work; we are clear and open about our aims and objectives.
  • We understand the impact of power on HIV responses, and on how our work is perceived and implemented.
  • We value the lived experience of people with HIV and the importance of this unique perspective to our work; we are committed to assisting positive voices to be heard.
  • We believe in the capacity of communities to find their own solutions.
  • We are generous about the products of our work.
  • The integrity of the APMG network is central to our work.
  • We treat each other with fairness and respect, are direct in our dealings with each other and support the work of our colleagues.