Putting Key Populations and PLHIV at the centre of the epidemic

APMG has worked extensively with people most affected by HIV to assist them to participate effectively in responses to HIV. We have found, after more than 12 years of front-line fieldwork, that this participation is essential to an effective HIV response.  The populations that many of our staff and consultants come from and that we work closely with are:

  • People Living with HIV
  • People who Inject Drugs
  • Sex Workers
  • Men who have Sex with Men and Transgender People

The evidence for effectiveness of HIV and broader health responses clearly shows that reaching and engaging in long-term relationships with the populations most at risk of, and affected by, HIV is essential in both concentrated and generalised epidemics.

Our work with key populations has ranged from facilitating meetings and encouraging grassroots organisations to form, through the many stages of growth in technical and organisational development as community-based organisations, to working with governments and large non-government organisations to ensure that key populations fully participate in designing, implementing and evaluating HIV and broader health services. 

Centre for Global Development (Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation)
National AIDS Secretariat, Mauritius (UNDP)
National AIDS Secretariat, Mauritius (UNDP)
Department of Public Health, Macedonia
QLD Intravenous AIDS Association
Temple University (DFID)
Russian Harm Reduction Network/ESVERO (GF)
International HIV/AIDS Alliance
Australian International Health Institution
Cardno Emerging Markets
DFAT Australian Aid
International Development Law Organization (IDLO)
UNICEF Asia Pacific Regional Office
Mauritius National AIDS Secretariat
Global Fund
Training Resources Group (TRG)