Organisational Sustainability

At APMG, we focus on building the capacity of organisations to undertake project management, organisational development and resource allocation. We assist in scaling up responses to HIV and SRH by constantly working with our partners to strengthen the technical aspects of their work that ensure integrity across all prevention, treatment and care activities. We work alongside policy makers and program implementers to assist them to put in place the systems they need to plan, implement, evaluate and report on the work that they do. APMG has a proven track record of providing practical technical assistance including training workforce, strengthening planning, financial, monitoring and evaluation systems and improving procurement and supply management. Our work is backed up by a suite of training courses in program management among key populations which form a foundation for long term supportive skill-exchange relationships with our health and development partners. All training courses are shared by APMG with The HIV Foundations and their beneficiaries.

Another of our core competencies is the development of plain language easy-to-use tools that help people design, secure funding for and implement better HIV, SRH and health programs. Some of the key guidance documents and toolkits APMG have prepared include:

A toolkit for people applying for Global Fund Grants under the Round 11 MARPs stream. Available at
A tool for building the business case for HIV investment (UNAIDS)
A guidance document for the Global Funds New Funding Model (UNAIDS & Global Fund)
A Guidance Document on Outreach Services for Harm Reduction Programs (WHO)

In addition, monitoring and evaluation (M&E) is an integral part of management which ensures programs are tailored & adjusted to better reach objectives. APGM believes strong monitoring and evaluation systems, teamed with sound surveillance, provide an integral foundation for effective HIV and health response. We have technical expertise in monitoring, evaluation, research and surveillance and aim to strengthen continuity in data feedback cycles to ensure that data is comprehensively collected, validated, managed, analysed, translated, distributed and used. APMG promotes healthy data culture in all projects undertaken – one which encourages, expects, creates and produces great quality, consistent, timely and accurate data.  

Centre for Global Development (Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation)
National AIDS Secretariat, Mauritius (UNDP)
Asia Pacific Network of Social Workers
National AIDS Secretariat, Mauritius (UNDP)
Department of Public Health, Macedonia
QLD Intravenous AIDS Association
Temple University (DFID)
Cardno Emerging Markets
Russian Harm Reduction Network/ESVERO (GF)
International HIV/AIDS Alliance
Australian International Health Institution
UNICEF Asia Pacific Regional Office
Mauritius National AIDS Secretariat
Global Fund
Training Resources Group (TRG)